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Celebrate the Arts at Swarthmore College

Welcome to the City 2010

Every year, hundreds of young Swarthmore alumni move to new cities in pursuit of advanced degrees, research, new jobs, or simply to relocate. On Sept. 25, alumni volunteers across the United States and around the globe organized and took part in Welcome to the City events in 30 locations. These informal get-togethers, now in their [...]

Send-off to Swarthmore

This summer, alumni, current students, and parents welcomed entering students and their parents in six cities. Hosted by local alumni, these get-togethers give the newest members of the Swarthmore community an “insider’s view” of the College and offer alumni a chance to answer last-minute questions. We thank our hosts Susan Corcoran ’72 (Boston); Ellen Daniell [...]

Swarthmore Book Groups Still Going Strong

Alumni-organized book groups currently meet in Washington, D.C.; New York City; Seattle; Chicago; Philadelphia; Tucson; and the Austin/San Antonio area.
This year, the Washington, D.C., group, led by Pam St. John Zurer ’71 (, will read a variety of books with the theme Legacies in Exceptionalism, exploring the struggles and victories that have been emblematic of [...]

Alumni Gather at Events Around the Country

Boston: Boston alumni visited Formaggio Kitchen in September, including their wonderful cheese caves. Formaggio is one of the country’s premiere cheese shops, where alumni heard about the history and process of cheese making and learned the basics of tasting and building a cheese plate. Plus they were able to sample [...]

Alumni Weekend Photos

Here are just a few of the photographs taken during Alumni Weekend 2010.

Alumni Weekend

63            Number of classes represented
44            Number of states represented
13            Number of countries represented
110          Number of events held during the weekend
14            Number of golf carts driven by students over the weekend
1,400+     Alumni Weekend attendees
Old friends reconnected, and new friends were made at Alumni Weekend 2010. Alumni [...]

Alumni College Abroad

Join Associate Professor of Religion Steven Hopkins as he returns to India to lead our exclusive Swarthmore Alumni College Abroad adventure from Feb. 27 to March 16, 2011. Explore the diversity of one of the world’s most populous democracies and one of the fastest-growing economies. Our two-week, air-inclusive program features visits to Delhi, the bustling [...]

Alumni Affinity Groups

By Susan Morrison ’81 and Lisa Lee ’81, with H.G. Chissell ’96, Nina Paynter ’97 and Robert Steelman ’92

Because members of the Alumni Council consistently rate the time spent engaging with students as among their most enjoyable when they meet on campus for two weekends each year, the Council’s Student Support Working Group aims to create interesting opportunities for engagement with the students. This spring, they organized four activities based on “affinity”—a new [...]

Alumni Council Welcomes New Members

The Alumni Council welcomes the following new members
Deborah How ’89
Brian Hwang ’05
David Jenemann ’93
Jaky Joseph ’06
Donald McMinn ’86
Robert Oye ’73
Christina Hull Paxson ’82
Rosita Sarnoff ’64
Horatiu Stefan ’01
Katharine Sturm-Ramirez ’94
Elizabeth Thoenen ’83
Kristin Bergstrom Vessey ’61
Rachel Weinberger ’80
Patrick Zweidler-McKay ’89