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Swarthmore in the Good Way

Thank you for the excellent article on Ken Guilmartin and Music Together (Making Music Together Again,” Oct. Bulletin). We are now putting a second child through the program and have been delighted with it in so many ways.
When I first took my elder son, Duncan, to the local Music Together class a few years ago, [...]

Impatient for Obama

I am not a patient person.
Therefore, when Barack Obama achieved his historic victory, I wept with all those other veterans of the ’60s civil rights movement; but I couldn’t agree that I didn’t think I’d see it in my lifetime. I expected to see it way sooner!
I spent the lethal summer of 1964 in the [...]

Susan Cobb Quotations"> Susan Cobb Quotations

I’ve heard two stories from my mom, Maxine Singer ’52, about Dean Susan Cobbs. I wonder whether readers of the Bulletin remember them this way?
1. When called to Dean Cobbs’s office the day after cooking in the Bond kitchen and serving an Italian dinner for friends, the women in question were asked: “Does spaghetti really [...]

Commanding the Light Brigade

I am appalled that anyone at Swarthmore would consider his ideal job to be commander of the Charge of the Light Brigade (Q+A” with Ed Fuller, Oct. Bulletin). I do not oppose just wars conducted by able leaders—after all, I was at George School and Swarthmore during the debacle of Adolf Hitler. But I was [...]

Racism and the Social Sciences

I was consulted by a friend who was working on an intercollegiate curriculum committee reviewing social science requirements. The question was, “What needs to be added?”
During my years at Swarthmore (1961–1965), the curricular battle cry was “Sociology Now”—today a moot issue, but then quite radical. My outcry now is for “The Politics of Equality,” an [...]