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Swarthmore Shouldn’t Stand Apart on Environment

As a recent graduate of Swarthmore, I was deeply concerned by the attitude displayed in the April 2008 Bulletin article “Our Own Shade of Green.” The article begins by introducing three indicators used by major national organizations to measure commitment to environmental stewardship in American universities. It notes for each of these indicators that Swarthmore [...]

Roots in Life Itself

Congratulations on a very aesthetic cover on the April Bulletin. I liked the clouds, the softness, the warmth, and slight yellowish-green tinge, and of course, the tree imagery. It is clearly symbolic, as the note on p. 2 explains. I liked it so much that I left the issue lying on my kitchen table for [...]

Small Changes, First Steps

I want to commend Swarthmore and the staff of the Bulletin for making your magazine more environmentally friendly. Relatively simple steps such as reducing page count and increasing page width can amount to a big difference in the long-term environmental impact of the publication. Reflecting on the small changes we can all make in our [...]

Walk the Sustainable Walk

According to “Our Own Shade of Green,” Swarthmore is, incredibly, approaching the global environmental crisis in its head, instead of figuring out how to get students to walk the sustainable walk, not just do the sustainable talk.
A fine example of how a college can do this is found at Berea College in Kentucky, where students [...]

Swarthmore Arrogance

This comes in response to the Bulletin’s request for confirmation that I wish to continue to receive it. The answer on reflection is yes—for the sake of people remembered. Very occasionally, there is an article that interests me to keep. But as I am going to venture on criticism, this letter is addressed to the [...]