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Tracking Auden

As a footnote to your piece [in the January Bulletin] about the connection between Swarthmore and the railroad, may I offer an image that has stayed with me all these years?
Oh, yes, the train was our link between Swarthmore and the wider world of Philadelphia. Cars were not allowed at the college, but we [...]

Liking ‘A Portion of Nature’

I really like “Poem for Swarthmore, 1864,” which appeared in the April 2014 sesquicentennial column by Christopher Densmore, curator of the Friends Historical Library. I’m glad you printed it and will save it in my poetry folder.

Susan Barker Gutterman  ’59
New York, N.Y.

Stories on inmate advocacy were meaningful

Several articles in the April 2014 Bulletin were especially interesting to me. Keith Reeves ’88 and his students’ work at the State Correctional Institution in Chester, Pa., is meaningful to me. I have spent many hours there as a prisoner advocate in my volunteer capacity with the PA Prison Society. So I was happy to [...]

Climate-change stories lauded

I was pleased to see two articles about global warming in the April Swarthmore College Bulletin. The local activism of Fran Hostettler Putnam ’69 is inspiring, and I had already begun promoting Years of Living Dangerously before I learned from the Bulletin that it was put together by David Gelber ’63. I was especially encouraged [...]