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Lacking in Self-Criticism

I was disturbed by the quotation from Alberto Mora’s [’74] honorary degree talk (“Collection,” July Bulletin: “No one educated here could fail to recognize that a person’s right to be free from cruel treatment is a fundamental human right….”). Mora adopts an “all-of-us-here” mentality, whereby he assures his audience that no one who attended Swarthmore [...]

Sacrifice for the Greater Good

The loss of World War II would have been a disaster with dire consequences for hundreds of years. The increase of greenhouse gases could bring about the loss of thousands of square miles of land to the rising oceans, the displacement of hundreds of millions of people, and mass starvation.
During World War II, the American [...]

Pacifism for Animals

Seeking refuge from the cruelties of the world, I turned to my most recent copy of the Swarthmore College Bulletin [July 2008] only to read about the decision to kill the Crum deer using sharpshooters and then salve the College’s collective Quaker conscience by giving the meat to the poor, adding exposure to wasting disease [...]

Wolves and Cobras

To the sophomores (no doubt, given their sophomoric nature) on the Crum Woods Stewardship Committee (CWSC) who suggested thinning out the woods’ resident deer herd with wolves, I say, you’ve had your fun. The CWSC exists to deal with important matters, not for idle entertainment nor to provide fodder for a Facebook page. As an [...]

Marching Society Memories?

Your article about the new Phoenix mascot (“Swarthmore Hatches a Big Red Bird,” July Bulletin) made me nostalgic for the now defunct Swarthmore Marching Society of my college days. Ah, now there was a source of spirit, hilarity, and pride! It may not have been the only such college organization to put “spin” on the [...]

The Man Behind the Phoenix

Your coverage of Swarthmore’s adoption of the Phoenix as a mascot was enjoyable to read, but you missed one important fact.
Kyle White ’08, mentioned briefly in the article as an emcee of the competition to pick a person to wear the costume, was the driving force behind the mascot from the very beginning. As president [...]