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Going in a Different Direction

As a graduate of both Swarthmore and the University of Chicago Divinity School, I watched a Web video of President Chopp’s Q+A session at Alumni Weekend with real delight. I have always believed that the two pieces of my higher education fit together well, but when I heard the thoughtful tones of a [Chicago] Swift [...]

Speaking Truth to Community

Sometimes I skim the table of contents before reading the Class Notes. But tonight, Jeffrey Lott’s “Parlor Talk” quote caught my eye before I got to the Notes.
He raises good, important issues about the kinds of news we submit to Class Notes. I remember mulling over such issues a while ago before and during a [...]

Help a History Major

I’m a history major in the Class of 2011, and my pet project over the last year has been writing a column about Swarthmore College history for our online newspaper, the Daily Gazette. You can check out my articles at Past topics have included Swarthmore during World War II, a history of Sharples Dining [...]

Irony of Ironies!

Carol Brevart-Demm’s article in the July 2010 Bulletin celebrates Rebecca Chopp’s inauguration as Swarthmore’s first woman president. But in summarizing one of the themes of the inauguration, Brévart-Demm hauls forth an outdated, sexist locution, “man’s centuries-long disrespect for nature and his fellow men.”  There seems, on careful re-reading, to be no editorial necessity for this [...]

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Your July inauguration issue was just dandy. But which of your photographers took the cover photo and the photo on page 24? Whichever, please relay my congratulations. Although both photos make President Chopp look like a young woman (at least in my eyes), are you aware of the fact that, as of her/his inauguration date, she [...]