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I was quite delighted to read the interview with Prof. Aurora Camacho de Schmidt in the July issue of the Bulletin. Aurora has been an inspirational figure to me. If it were not for her encouragement, her teachings, and her presence in my life at Swarthmore, I would not have been where I am: teaching [...]

Tour promo strikes a sour note

The April 2013 issue of the Bulletin featured an advertisement for “a tour of timeless Israel” [Oct. 15–26] from the Alumni College Abroad office. This tour violates the growing international boycott/divestment/sanctions (BDS) movement to bring the Israeli government into compliance with international law. The movement—recently supported by British physicist Stephen Hawking—is for a comprehensive economic, [...]

Leave room for alternate view

Kudos to Danielle Charette ’14 for her courageous piece in May 16’s Wall Street Journal in which, sadly, she makes clear that not much has changed since I graduated in 2000. Swarthmore’s “liberalism” remains strictly intolerant of opposing views, and its particular kind of “diversity” leaves no room for any divergent voices, especially not any [...]

‘Small Craft’ floats his boat

It’s good to know that Small Craft is flourishing, as noted in the April Bulletin. However, the magazine that gave rise to it was actually titled The Nulset Review (not The Null Set Review). While Jonathan Franzen ’81 may have jettisoned the name for its “antic nihilism,” the void it referenced was real.
A few years [...]