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Alumni Achievements

Eugene Lang ’38

Eugene Lang ’38 has been named Citizen of the Year by the National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) in honor of his lifelong commitment to civic participation. “Eugene Lang is a shining example of what an individual citizen can do to strengthen our country,” NCoC Chairman Michael Weiser said. “The son of immigrant parents who came [...]

Deborah Hacker Oakley ’58

Deborah Hacker Oakley ’58 was recognized by the University of Michigan (UM) with the establishment of the Deborah H. Oakley Professor of Nursing Chair for her work in women’s health research. Oakley, who retired as professor emerita in 2002, served as interim director of the Healthy Asian Americans Project and continues to lead research projects [...]

Kenneth Turan ’67

Kenneth Turan ’67 recently received the 2008 Alumni Award from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Turan is a film critic for the Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio’s Morning Edition and director of the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes. He has been staff writer for the Washington Post and TV Guide and [...]

William Ehrhart ’73

William Ehrhart ’73, a former Marine and award-winning poet and memoirist whose work has been strongly influenced by his 13-month tour of duty during the Vietnam War, recently received the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Excellence in the Arts Award. VVA President John Rowan first came across Ehrhart’s work in the 1972 anthology Winning Hearts [...]

Patricia Dilley ’73

Patricia Dilley ’73 recently received the Rockefeller Foundation Innovation Award for her tireless work and innovative policy proposals to strengthen Social Security for vulnerable groups. “She has spent a lifetime—as a congressional staffer, a private practitioner, and an academic—immersed in Social Security and pensions,” Alicia Munnell, professor and chair in management science at Boston College [...]

Susan Perkins Weston ’81

Susan Perkins Weston ’81 received the Vision Award from the Kentucky Association of School Councils (KASC) last fall. Weston, who was executive director of KASC for 13 years, was honored for her years of service to education reform. An attorney and education policy expert, Weston’s analysis of test score data identified some of Kentucky’s earliest [...]

Peter Vishton ’91

Peter Vishton ’91 recently received a William and Mary College Alumni Fellowship Award, which recognizes outstanding young faculty members. An associate professor of psychology, Vishton does his research in an unusual laboratory—a former hospital, a block off campus, where he and his students perform magic tricks for infants. Using colorful, handmade boxes and cylinders, he [...]

Jeffrey Sugg ’95

Jeffrey Sugg ‘95 recently shared a 2008 Obie Award for set and projection design and a 2008 Louise Lortel Award for best scenic design for the critically acclaimed new musical The Slug Bearers of Kayrol Island with collaborator Jim Findlay. A New York-based artist, designer, and technical adviser, Sugg also received a 2007 Bessie Award [...]