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Into the Woods

By Sherri Kimmel

While initiatives to preserve and restore the College’s distinctive Crum Woods are ongoing, more needs to be done, according to Jeff Jabco, who co-chairs the Crum Woods Stewardship Committee with José-Luis Machado, an associate professor of biology who conducts research with students in the woods.
“It takes a lot of money and labor to get that [...]

A Transition to Organic: Lawns Go Greener

By David Fialkow ’15

It was clear to anyone visiting Swarthmore’s campus this fall that something had changed. No students were sitting on Parrish Lawn, plastic-string fencing bordered its edges, and the iconic giant Adirondack chair sat at the base of the downsloping area rather than in its usual perch at the top.
Although the change might have been slightly [...]

Trials and Tribulations

By Amy Stone ’64

Fifty years ago, when women lawyers were rare, Swarthmore gave Mary Murphy Schroeder ’62 the confidence to go to law school. Three years later, one of her professors at the University of Chicago Law School had the audacity to cut her down—telling her parents at graduation that they’d wasted their money. As a woman, she’d [...]

Same as It Ever Was

By Sherri Kimmel

When Democratic strategist James Carville uttered his immortal line, “It’s the economy, stupid,” in the 1992 presidential election, the ragin’ Cajun was really onto something. It’s a dictum that could have applied to Michael Dukakis ’55 when he campaigned for president in 1988, and it surely applies now, according to Swarthmore alumni and professors in [...]

Combating Rising Costs with Wellness

By Sherri Kimmel

The Affordable Care Act is expected to extend health coverage to more than 30 million uninsured Americans by 2014 while actually reducing the deficit, according to the Congressional Budget Office, but its ability to curb the ever-rising cost of health care is still insufficient, according to many experts.
“Cost containment is a big issue,” says Ellen [...]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Full Transcript From Q&A with Donna Jo Napoli

Below is the full transcript of Carrie Compton’s interview with the versatile linguistics professor/author.

Talk about your time at Trinity over the summer—what you were able to do over there?
Trinity College–Dublin opened up a new building called the Long Room Hub just a few years ago. The Long Room is [...]

Top of the Ticket—Then and Now (Video)

By Sherri Kimmel

In late summer, former Massachusetts governor and 1988 Democratic nominee for president Michael Dukakis ’55 met with Bulletin editor Sherri Kimmel in his office at Northeastern University, where, for 21 years, he’s taught classes in public policy, health policy, state and local government, and public management. Winters find him teaching public policy at sunny UCLA. [...]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: More stories about wartime at Swarthmore

By Carol Brevart-Demm

“I yearn for my student days at Swarthmore,” says Warren Uchimoto ’45, a retired mechanical engineer, now 89 and living in a retirement community in Saratoga, Calif. Coming from Gila River camp, he says, “I remember the day I arrived by train at the College, late December 1942 or early 1943. It was evening, about [...]

Overcoming Dioxin’s Devastating Effects

By Peter Slavin

Sometimes the simplest changes make a huge difference for Vietnamese people with physical challenges caused by dioxin exposure.
Trinh Thi Tam paid a high price for moving supplies along the Ho Chi Minh Trail to the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. Her face is pockmarked with chloracne from dioxin exposure, and her son Luc has [...]

Congress Takes Bolder Action

By Peter Slavin

Last December, without fanfare, lawmakers added a provision to the 2012 federal budget mandating a much more ambitious campaign against Agent Orange in Vietnam. The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2012 (H.R. 2055), directs the United States to go beyond the cleanup of contaminated former military bases to address the needs of people with disabilities in territory [...]