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College Ties With Japan Remain Strong

By Elizabeth Vogdes

The College has a long, mutually rewarding history with its Japanese alumni. Many have gone on to impressive careers in international relations and international business and, despite their distance from Pennsylvania, remain connected to their alma mater as boosters for the Swarthmore style of education.
When Ken Matsumoto ’58 first came to Swarthmore, he did not [...]

Lax Conference Was Inspiring

By Elizabeth Vogdes

Despite overcast skies, a bright atmosphere suffused the Science Center’s Eldridge Commons on March 18, as 125 excited students, alumni, faculty, administrators, and friends excitedly gathered for the 13th annual Jonathan R. Lax ’71 Conference on Entrepreneurship. Lax was a lifelong entrepreneur who ran a mutual fund from his dorm room [...]

Engineering—right major for a jack of all trades

By Sherri Kimmel

Before arriving at Swarthmore four years ago, Andreas Bastian ’12 had his hands—literally—in a variety of disciplines: from drawing, to construction, metallurgy, and blacksmithing. He even applied his creative-thinking skills to food prep.
“I’ve always been interested in making things from scratch,” Bastian says. “I understand something better and can appreciate it more if I understand [...]


Recommendation 1: Through structures and incentives that encourage innovation, Swarthmore should foster a curriculum of intellectual rigor and creativity that combines disciplinary strength and flexibility.

Support teaching, learning, and research initiatives to cultivate traditional and new competencies and to support students who come to Swarthmore with a range of preparations.
Provide high-impact learning experiences.
Strengthen the infrastructure and [...]

Were you able to transmongrify a pack of dogs?

On Page 50 of the January Bulletin, in an article about Elizabeth Sherr Sklar ’63 and Jessica Sklar, we printed a mathematical problem that Jessica developed with Gene Abrams of the University of Colorado. The problem gained quite a bit of attention. Here is that problem again, with the answer below it:
Suppose [...]

Top 10 Most Requested Songs

Ashley Brandt (a.k.a. DJ Kash) says that people don't often request a specific song but rather request music by artist or genre. Here's her Top 10 Most Requested list as of February 2012.
1. Reggae
2. Rihanna-We found Love
3. Lady Gaga
4. Nicki Minaj
5. Beyonce-Get Me Bodied or Single Ladies
6. Latin music (again, I really wish people would [...]

Ashley Brandt's Top 10 Favorite Songs to Play

As of February 2012
1. The Percolator by Cajmere
2. Took the Night by Chelley
3. Bring out the Devil by Skrillex
4. E.T. (Futuristic Lover) by Katy Perry
5. California Love by 2Pac
6. Suavamente by Nayer, Mohombi, and Pitbull
7. Do it Like a Dude by Jessie J
8. In My Trunk by Dev
9. Indestructible by Robyn
10. Good Good Night by [...]

Five Principles for Swarthmore’s Future

Swarthmore acts to advance uncompromising excellence in the study of the liberal arts, embracing both rigorous inquiry and imaginative thinking.
Swarthmore cultivates an intentional substantive community in order to shape engaged and thoughtful leaders who will contribute to a more just, civil, and inclusive world.
Swarthmore recognizes that the faculty is critical to ensuring the excellence of [...]

10. Go Far Away

Rebekah Yang ’12 and Sophia Pan ’09 met for the first time when they were engineering students—Yang, a freshman, and Pan, a senior—and members of the Swarthmore Christian Fellowship. Two years later, Yang was deciding on a study-abroad program and contacted Pan when she remembered that the recent graduate had spent a [...]

9. Be Generous

Stephen Lloyd ’57 says he “kinda hooks his life into” three things: his church, his community, and his college. He calls them “The Three Cs.”
Lloyd, who turns 76 this month, is a retired vice president for a public-management–consulting firm. With his wife, Elizabeth, an ordained Episcopal deacon, he’s involved with the church. [...]