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The Amazing Swarthmore Network

By Susan Cousins Breen, Carol Brévart-Demm, and Jeffrey Lott

“In traveling around the world meeting alumni,” says President Rebecca Chopp, “I’ve come to think about them as part of a worldwide Swarthmore network. Its heart may be located on campus, but its reach is everywhere. Swarthmore is as real for alumni in [...]

America’s Guarantee: Peace or Promises

By Paul Wachter ’97

ON THE NINTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SEPT 11 TRERRORIST ATTACKS, the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, I met Josef Joffe ’65 for lunch at the Grand Elysée, a five-star hotel in the center of Hamburg. Joffe is the editor-publisher of Die Zeit, Germany’s most widely read weekly newspaper, but he’s also a [...]

Good Food, Good Earth—Good Ideas

By David Pacchioli

STEERING CAREFULLY UP THE RUTTED DRIVEWAY, I look to the house for signs of life. It’s just past the dinner hour, a rare moment of pause on a farm in midsummer. The North Country air is cool as I step from the car, and the view is east. Under the blue wash of Vermont’s distant [...]

Global Citizens All

Why does the world need “global citizens?” What changes have occurred that require a different kind of worldview?

“Global citizen” is a vague term and, like all such terms, a contested concept—but it points toward the reality that the modern world is interconnected. We can communicate with people all over the world [...]

Style and Substance

By Elizabeth Redden ’05

Get a glimpse of Glamour’s July cover, graced by the blond beauty Blake Lively, star of Gossip Girl: “100 Dos & Don’ts of Summer” … “25 Beauty Questions You Ask All Summer, Answered” … “How Sex Really Feels—With Movie Star, or in a Threesome, or When He’s a Virgin” … “Quiz: What Foods Does [...]

Chernobyl Witness

BY THE TIME I GRADUATED FROM SWARTHMORE IN 1994, I HAD BURNED OUT AS AN ACTIVIST. I’d spent years telling people, stridently, what was wrong with the world, trying to change their ways. I rarely succeeded.
The next year, I left for India. I spent seven months volunteering and wandering, camera in hand. I loved photography [...]

Juvenile Injustice

By Susan Cousins Breen

IT WAS 1996 WHEN CIVIL RIGHTS CRUSADER AND ATTORNEY EDGAR CAHN convinced District of Columbia Supreme Court Judge Eugene Hamilton to approve new juvenile justice courts in the city. Describing the district’s juvenile justice system as “a direct pipeline feeding youth into the adult prison system,” Cahn presented the court with the following statistics—numbers [...]

Possiplex: Ted Nelson ’59 and the Literary Machine

By Mark Bernstein ’77

IN A WHARTON LOUNGE A LITTLE MORE THAN 50 YEARS AGO, a Swarthmore student named Ted Nelson tried to compose a difficult seminar paper. He was overflowing with ideas and awash in distractions, and e was intensely frustrated that these ideas could not be easily  organized on paper. He wondered if the recently invented computer [...]

Six Degrees of Jonathan Franzen

By Paul Wachter ’97

I HAPPENED TO BE WALKING BY AN AIRPORT BOOKSTORE the day in September that Jonathan Franzen’s fourth novel, Freedom, was released. It would have been impossible to miss the advance press—a photo of President Obama carrying a copy, the author on the cover of Time—but still I was surprised to see the book so prominently [...]

A Balancing Act

By Alisa Giardinelli

David Opoku ’12 credits the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility with helping bring his dream of starting a library in Ghana to fruition.
Sable Mensah ’11 is proudest of the literary magazine she produced with students she tutored in Chester, Pa.
Charles Tse ’13 says the opportunities he’s had to meet with alumni in the [...]