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She’s Got the Beats

By Audree Penner

A bass beat pulses through the floor and up into the bodies of nightclub guests. The powerful pounding rhythm brings them to the dance floor.
On this night at Sisters Nightclub in Philadelphia, [Kathryn] Ashley Brandt ’07 (aka DJ K.ASH) is the disc jockey responsible for providing a music mix that resonates with club guests.
“It’s all [...]

The Thrill of the Hunt

By Andrea Juncos ’01

Most of us know how to dig up a few facts about someone online. But for corporate private investigator Edward Frost ’73, Google is a gold mine—and just one of the many tools he uses to track down information needed to crack a case.
Frost is a senior director with Alvarez & Marsal (A&M), a global [...]

Playtime with a Snap

By Andrea Hammer

Inviting the inner child to re-emerge for playtime, the colorful displays at Toy Fair 2011 in New York enticed industry professionals to play hide-and-seek on three expansive floors.
During mid-February, toy creators and merchants at the Jacob Javits Convention Center dazzled potential buyers with eye-catching gimmicks—from an inflatable remote-controlled flying fish to a shiny red, miniature [...]

Write Out Loud For All to See

By Maki Somosot ’12

Nineteen-year old factory worker Beckie Neubauer could have had no idea that she would draw her last breath on March 25, 1911, when fire consumed the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in Lower East Side, New York City. That day, 146 workers—mostly young, female immigrants—burned alive or jumped to their deaths as firemen scrambled to reach the [...]

A Humanist in Medicine

By Susan Cousins Breen

“I doubt if anyone in my class or on the faculty at Swarthmore would have ever predicted an academic career for me,” says DeWitt “Bud” Baldwin. Yet the work of the pediatrician, family practitioner, and psychiatrist turned medical professor and researcher has garnered him two honorary doctoral degrees and numerous national and international awards for [...]

A Thing of the Past?

By Sara Shay ’92

During her 40 years as a social scientist at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Lotte Lazarsfeld Bailyn has seen tremendous improvements in workplace conditions for women—and that includes women at MIT itself.
Particularly significant were the changes that followed the 1999 release of a report that uncovered rampant gender inequities at the institute’s School of Science. [...]

Green Philly

By Angelina Sciolla

Sustainability is quite the buzzword right now. From pundits to urban planners, engineers to environmentalists, it’s on everyone’s lips—and its meaning is manifested in various urban “green” initiatives around the country. But for Mark Alan Hughes ’81, architect, professor, policymaker, and innovator, sustainability has become the centerpiece of his body of work.
Hughes, who worked as [...]

A Pillar in the Rubble

By Mike Agresta

Early last year, Kevin Browngoehl, a Philadelphia-area pediatrician, was preparing for his first medical mission abroad. He’d recently met Neil Heskel at a Swarthmore Alumni Council meeting, and the two struck up a conversation about a free clinic that Heskel (pictured right in scrubs) directs in Haiti. Impressed, Browngoehl volunteered to help. He booked a [...]

Like a Frying Pan to the Head

By Audree Penner

Some women use surgery to change their appearance as they struggle with society’s expectations of how it thinks they should look or behave. As creator and director of the all-female clown troupe Clowns Ex Machina, Kendall Cornell often just uses a red foam rubber nose. In fact, she finds amusement in playing off those expectations [...]

From Rowdy Youngster to Public Historian

By Maki Somosot ’12

Allison Marsh ’98 stumbled upon industrial America while playing in the backseat of her family’s station wagon during road trips. To quell the rowdy youngster and her sisters, their father would stop the car to visit factory sites and public monuments along the highway.
“We’d all pile out of the car, and my dad would knock [...]