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Class of 1959 Ups the Ante for the Class of 2009

By Susan Clarey

When the Student Council decided in early 2008 to seek student donations in support of the College’s financial aid, Giles Kemp ’72 sweetened the pot with a 10:1 matching gift. By June 2008, the students had raised $2,579 for “Fund the Future” which became a gift of almost $28,364, thanks to Kemp.
In late 2007, Swarthmore [...]


By Susan Cousins Breen

When Grace Chang ’09 headed off to college four years ago, she fully expected to welcome a break from dealing with disability issues, and she did—for a while. As the sibling of a severely autistic sister, the Evans Scholar from Gaithersburg, Md.,—a political science major and psychology minor—had experienced firsthand the struggles and joys of [...]

When Engineers Go Shopping

By Susan Clarey

Visitors to the ground floor of Hicks Hall can’t fail to be fascinated by the huge engineering test instruments that lurk in dimly lit chain-link cages there. In the digital age, a solid steel compression stand evokes another era. And although the decades-old equipment is still in regular use, the College is seeking $300,000 during [...]

A Spring of Love for Garnet Tennis

By Kyle Leach

Women’s tennis (5-10, 4-6 CC) For the second straight year, Rachel Wallwork ’10 was named Centennial Conference Player of the Year, posting a 12-4 overall record in singles, including an 8-0 mark in conference play at the number-one spot (her current win streak is at 19). Also named First-Team All-Centennial for singles, Wallwork participated in [...]