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Women & Gender: A Program Outgrows its Name

By Carol Brévart-Demm

This spring, Swarthmore’s Women’s Studies Program reached the end of a long process of reshaping itself and its name—to accommodate the changing needs, requirements, and wishes of 21st-century students. Henceforth to be known as Gender and Sexuality Studies, the program offers a minor in course or honors as well as special major options.
Women’s Studies was [...]

A New Face for War News Radio

By Carol Brévart-Demm

In July, the College community welcomed Abdulla Mizead as journalist-in-residence at War News Radio (WNR), the award-winning, student-run radio program that reports on daily life in war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan. He succeeds Ayub Nuri, who returned to Iraq in the spring.
A former staff member in National Public Radio’s (NPR) Baghdad bureau, Mizead was honored with [...]

Faculty Retirements

By Jeffrey Lott

Retiring, Schuldenfrei Recapitulates Readings
It’s September, and the students are back. Classes begin, but something vital is missing from Swarthmore’s classrooms. Professor of Philosophy Richard Schuldenfrei has retired.
I ask him, isn’t it strange not to be going back to school?
“I’m not consciously disoriented,” he says, scowling first, then smiling. “I feel great, and I’m enjoying the [...]

Kicking Around South of the Equator

On Aug. 1, the Garnet soccer team, led by Head Coach Eric Wagner, headed south of the equator for a two-week stay in Argentina and Brazil. Director of Sports Information Kyle Leach accompanied the team on their Latin American adventure and, too tall to sleep comfortably on a plane, busied himself at his laptop, relaying [...]