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Faculty Retirement: Jeanne Marecek

By Jeffrey Lott

A Founder of Women’s Studies—Jeanne Marecek
When Jeanne Marecek joined Swarthmore’s Psychology Department in fall 1972, there were just 18 women among 128 tenured and tenure-track faculty members—and just two full professors, Hilde Cohn (German) and Helen North (Classics).
Marecek was 25, barely older than her first students and months shy of completing a Ph.D. at Yale, [...]

“All the Athletes Knew Her.”

By Jeffrey Lott

Elizabeth “Sis” Bassett passed away in September at age 96. She will be remembered by alumni from the 1940s to the 1970s for her work as secretary for the Men’s Athletics Department—and for the key role she played as unofficial “team mom” for hundreds of Swarthmore athletes.
Bassett joined the staff in 1945 under Carl Dellmuth [...]

From Pericles to the President: Democratic Theory and Practice

By Carol Brévart-Demm

Ben Berger, associate professor of political science and an expert in political theory, is representing Swarthmore in the first cohort of 26 faculty members—one each from the Project Pericles member schools—at the Periclean Faculty Leadership Program. This signature program of Project Pericles is designed to champion civic engagement in the classroom, on campus, and in [...]

Linguists Discover Unknown Language

By Jeffrey Lott

Associate Professor of Linguistics David Harrison and fellow linguist Gregory Anderson recently received worldwide attention for their discovery of a Koro, a previously unknown language, in a remote region of northeastern India. Harrison and colleague Greg Anderson were searching for speakers of Aka and Miji. After finding speakers of Koro, Harrison took the first known [...]