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A Chance Encounter

By Carrie Compton

At night amid a merciless gale and at placid sunrise on calm seas, Max Mulhern ’84’s Aqua Dice haunt the ocean. Now lost in the Atlantic, the bright-orange, blue-dotted dice drift randomly, waves lapping and cresting against their right angles. Mulhern ponders the wayward 8-foot sculptures every day, often vicariously, sketching them on paper where [...]

Gigging with Gaga

By Danielle Charette ’14

Chevonne, the artist formerly known as Lauren Ianuzzi ’07, has gone from staging a musical at Swarthmore to sharing a stage with international pop stars Estelle and Lady Gaga. Her flexibility, talent, and big hair, not to mention her adoption of a single stage name, will help further propel her career in the music industry, [...]

The Joys of Juggling (VIDEO)

By Sherri Kimmel

With a winning grin, a tilt of her head and a sambalike slither, Jen Slaw ’00 moves around Central Park catching smiles as easily as she catches her three spinning yellow balls. Tourists swivel their heads and point.
The engineer turned professional juggler strolls from the park to West 72nd Street, gathering more smiles and comments [...]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: SwatTank Debuts with a Flourish

By Elizabeth Vogdes

SwatTank, the College’s first business-plan competition, culminated in a lively finish at the 14th annual Jonathan R. Lax ’71 Conference for Entrepreneurship, Saturday, March 23 in the Science Center. Three teams of finalists were shepherded through the fast-paced judging process.

Coordinated by the Career Services Office, SwatTank began in the fall with 11 [...]

13 Tips for Staying Well and Sane at Swarthmore

“I’ve been teaching a yoga class on campus for the last four years, and every week I set aside time for yogaand make sure I do it. The academic work can be superstressful, and, even in class, your mind can wander all over the place. Yoga gives me a chance to recenter myself—think about where [...]

A Full Plate (VIDEO)

By Carrie Compton

Jake Neely ’13 is used to stares from students and new dining-hall employees as he exits Sharples. On his overflowing plate are bunless hamburger patties, mountains of cubed chicken, and spinach—the mainstays of his diet. Proudly, Neely will tell you that diet has  taken him to 525 pounds … on the barbell. The Missoula, Mont., [...]

Beyond the Yoga Mat

By Carol Brévart-Demm

Wellness is not just about physical fitness. Spirituality is an important element of overall wellness too, according to Joyce Tompkins, the College’s adviser for interfaith activities and Protestants.
“For some it’s a no-brainer,” she says from the cozy confines of her colorful, book-lined office in Bond Hall. “They come from some sort of religious or spiritual [...]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Students Share Wellness Philosophies

The Bulletin piece "13 Tips for Staying Well and Sane at Swarthmore" was made up of excerpted statements from student narritives describing their wellness practices. Read their full and quite varied descriptions of how they maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul balance below …

Daniela Jaeger ’13: “During times when I [...]

‘The Gift’ that keeps on giving

By Sherri Kimmel

Thirty years ago, Lewis Hyde finally published the book he’d been laboring over for a decade. The Gift: Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property explores the conflict that arises for artists between earning a living and creating art (how does the artist survive in today’s market economy?).
Though Hyde says the book was written “for [...]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Touching Generations

By Susan Signe Morrison ’81

At a dinner organized at the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility to welcome Sherri Kimmel, thenew Bulletin editor, to Swarthmore, members of the Board of Managers were asked to share something about the College she might not know. I mentioned the phone booth near Parrish Commons where every Sunday at 3 p.m. I [...]