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Amuse, Excite, and Create Wonder

By Carol Brévart-Demm

A college campus that also houses an arboretum is expected to boast its fair share of colorful plants and trees, especially in the fall. An all-season, all-over red tree is a less likely sight. Particularly one with no leaves.
The bright red tree is the most recent addition to a Scott Arboretum project that uses dead [...]

Board Commissions New Strategic Plan

Dear Friends,
On Oct. 2, the Board of Managers affirmed the launch of a strategic planning process for the College. This endeavor will bring our community together to discuss Swarthmore’s future in order to extend our proud tradition of providing students with an education that is distinguished in its academic rigor and supported by a [...]

Swarthmore’s Class of 2014 by the Numbers

A Ladder of Lettuce and Other Green Things

By Carol Brévart-Demm

­The greening of Swarthmore continues.
Anyone walking through the science center’s Eldridge Commons this summer might have been initially puzzled by the sight of pots of leaves strung in ladder-like wire contraptions from top to bottom of the Commons’ expansive windows. On closer observation, it could be seen that the pots contained lettuce plants. Students from [...]

A Swarthmore Survival Guide

As the beginning of the semester drew near, members of the alumni community were asked for something they’re rarely unwilling to provide—their opinions. The following question was posted on the College’s Facebook page: What’s the most creative bit of advice you’d give a new Swarthmore student?
Following are some of the responses received. (The names are [...]

Across the Board

By Susan Cousins Breen

At the May meeting of the Board of Managers, four new alumni managers were appointed to four-year terms, beginning in September 2010. They are Jenny Hourihan Bailin ’80, chief financial officer of Pro Mujer, a New York City organization offering microfinance, health services, and education to 200,000 women in five Latin American countries; Rhonda Resnick [...]

A “Promise Place” in Chester

By Carol Brévart-Demm

The two-year-old Chester Upland School of the Arts (CUSA), founded by Associate Professor of Music John Alston and supported by The Chester Fund, was recognized this summer as a Promise Place by America’s Promise Alliance (APA).
Created by former Secretary of State General Colin Powell following the 1997 Presidents’ Summit for America’s Future, the APA comprises [...]

War News Radio Gets New Mentor

By Jeffrey Lott

Contrary to popular opinion—or at least the opinion of a lot of other journalists—Jim MacMillan says it’s a “great time to be a journalist.” The new journalist in residence at War News Radio. (WNR) sees great promise in new and emerging media and is eager to share his perspective with the Swarthmore students who [...]

“One of a Vanishing Breed”—Ed Fuller

By Carol Brévart-Demm

After 35 years at the College, Edward “Ed” Fuller, McCabe Library’s eccentric but endearing reference and video resources librarian, has retired. Ask him how he intends to spend his days from now on, and he may answer that he’d like to try his hand at writing or sculpting. But he’s just as likely to respond: [...]

Faculty Retirement: Eugene Klotz

By Susan Cousins Breen

“Pitch-Perfect People Skills”—Eugene Klotz

On the second floor of the Swarthmore train station, in an office overlooking the shops in the Ville, Eugene “Gene” Klotz, Albert and Edna Pownall Buffington Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, is settling into his retirement quarters. Casually perched amid boxes filled with the paper trail of a 47-year College career, Klotz says, [...]