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Mr. Swarthmore 2010

On April 9, after having resisted participation in the contest for two years, senior engineering major Omari Faakye became “Mr. Swarthmore 2010.” Representing men’s soccer and the Swarthmore Christian Fellowship in this year’s contest—one of the best-attended events of Family and Friends Weekend—Faakye strolled the runway wearing traditional Ghanaian dress, performed a break-dance routine during [...]

A Note to Readers

By Jeffrey Lott, Editor

Two years ago, we redesigned the Bulletin to be more environmentally friendly. Part of that effort was to reduce our average edition by eight pages. This year, as part of an $8 million budget adjustment being implemented at Swarthmore, we—along with colleagues across campus—have looked for ways to reduce operating costs.
We have responded in two [...]

A Super Season for Garnet Baseball

By Mark Anskis

Baseball (20-18, 11-7)
Completing the program’s best season in 25 years, the Garnet baseball team—just three years removed from winning just one Centennial Conference game—advanced to the conference playoffs for the first time in program history, reaching the 20-win for the first time since 1986. In the playoffs, the Garnet defeated Washington College before succumbing to [...]

Big Snow

By Carol Brévart-Demm

There’s almost nothing more magical than the sight of snowflakes drifting earthward, dancing on air currents, swirling and swooping, settling softly on the branches of trees and leaves, glistening on blades of grass. Mysterious and perfectly crystalline, they hold the promise of a white world of enchantment, of excitement and fun, snowballs, sledding, skiing, frozen [...]

Linguistics—Tyneside Style

By Carol Brévart-Demm

This spring, Professor of Linguistics Donna Jo Napoli headed across the Atlantic to Newcastle-on-Tyne, U.K., to spend a semester as the Leverhulme Visiting Professor at the University of Newcastle. The professorship, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, enables renowned academics to spend three to 10 months teaching at a British university.
Napoli’s academic responsibilities at Newcastle include [...]

Three Days of Skill Sharing

By Susan Cousins Breen

In January, 160 enthusiastic staff members gathered in the Cuniff Lecture Hall in the Science Center for the launch of the College’s first Staff Development Week (SDW). Following a welcome by President Rebecca Chopp, keynote speaker Christopher Lee—human resource practitioner, lecturer, and author—set the tone for the program telling participants, “We each need to be [...]

Celebrated Mafioso of Historical Reinterpretation

By Monika Zaleska ’13

“History, for me, is first of all stories,” says Professor of History Pieter Judson ’78, comparing the “story” that is history to a movie.
“A good movie has a really good plot, a plot that satisfies me, that I can’t quite figure out,” he explains.
Perhaps this explains Judson’s fascination with Eastern and Central Europe and its [...]

Painting ’til Her Wrists Hurt

By Carol Brévart-Demm

Whether in her native China, where she lived through the Cultural Revolution, or in studios in New York, Rome, or Philadelphia, Chinese artist Ying Li says she needs to paint, sometimes until her wrists hurt.
When Li’s father, a professor of Russian literature, was accused of being a counter-revolutionary, Li was sent away for five years [...]

Modest Budget Increase Approved as Board Closes Future Gap

By Jeffrey Lott

At its Feb. 20 meeting, the College’s Board of Managers adopted a 2010–2011 operating budget of $108.6 million, a 1.5 percent increase from the current year. Student charges were increased by 3.8 percent to a total of $51,500 for full tuition, activities fee, room, and board. The Board reaffirmed its commitment to need-blind admissions and [...]

More to Murals Than Meets the Eye

By Carol Brévart-Demm

The mural (right) is found in the Ballymurphy district of Belfast. This and other similar murals across Belfast valorize armed combat, in this case the heroism of I.R.A. volunteers. Just a few blocks away, another mural (below left) by the Gaelic Athletics Association, displays contemporary sports, both Gaelic and non-Gaelic. “Sports have played an important [...]