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Bennett Lorber ’64 and William Lipshutz ’63

Bennett Lorber ’64 and William Lipshutz ’63 were honored with teaching awards from the American CollegeLorber_and_Lipshutz_April_11_2013_ACP_San_Fran_c_crop_2.jpg of Physicians (ACP) at the 2013 Internal Medicine Meeting in San Francisco in April.

Lorber (left), the Thomas M. Durant Professor of Medicine and Professor of Microbiology and Immunology in the Section of Infectious Diseases at Temple University, received the Jane F. Desforges Distinguished Teacher Award in recognition of his inspirational teaching, which has resulted in many of his students becoming leaders in medical education.

“This award is a glorious affirmation of a career choice I made many years ago against the advice of most colleagues, and that was to spend more time with students than with test tubes,” Lorber says.

With a global reputation for his expertise in anaerobic infections, Lorber has served as president of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and the Anaerobe Society of the Americas, is a fellow of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, and member of several other medical organizations.

Lorber has been a member of the College’s Board of Managers since 2002. He is also an accomplished artist and musician.

Lipshutz, an ACP fellow, former head of gastroenterology at Pennsylvania Hospital and full-time clinical professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, was honored for his outstanding teaching, deep concern for patients, and for being a role model and mentor.

“The award given by the ACP for teaching medical students, interns, residents, and fellows on a voluntary basis meant a lot to me,” Lipshutz says. “I have been involved with teaching for over 40 years and I gain considerably from the experience of being around young people.”

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