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Gretchen Alger Lin ’89

Gretchen_Lin.jpgGretchen Alger Lin ’89 was recognized by the CARES Foundation, an organization that supports individuals and families affected by congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). As the mother of a son whose CAH was initially overlooked, Lin has tirelessly advocated for comprehensive screenings for newborns.

Lin joined CARES in 2001, becoming the foundation’s public affairs coordinator. In that role, she campaigned for newborn screenings in 17 states, Canada, and abroad. All 50 states and 39 countries now screen infants for CAH. Lin went on to advocate for immediate, appropriate emergency medical response for individuals affected by adrenal insufficiency, which has since been implemented in 10 states. Lin is now back in the private sector as a business banking relationship manager with JP Morgan Chase but continues to volunteer for CARES as webmaster and public speaker.

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