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Walk the Sustainable Walk

According to “Our Own Shade of Green,” Swarthmore is, incredibly, approaching the global environmental crisis in its head, instead of figuring out how to get students to walk the sustainable walk, not just do the sustainable talk.

A fine example of how a college can do this is found at Berea College in Kentucky, where students are given real-life experiences in how to live sustainably. One project at Berea is an “ecological village” that houses students with families. Berea states that its students “participate directly in ecological design on campus—in planning, construction, and operations—to gain valuable experience that complements their traditional classroom training and teaches them how to make a smaller footprint on the earth.”

How can Swarthmore do more to make sustainable living part of students’ lives, living accommodations, and the curriculum? It seems to me that there is nothing more important to do—and I would support such an effort with dollars.

Ruth Cooper Lamb ’56
Queensbury, N.Y.

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