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Swarthmore in the Good Way

Thank you for the excellent article on Ken Guilmartin and Music Together (Making Music Together Again,” Oct. Bulletin). We are now putting a second child through the program and have been delighted with it in so many ways.

When I first took my elder son, Duncan, to the local Music Together class a few years ago, we were unaware that it had been co-founded by a fellow Swarthmore alumnus. When my wife (Mika Hoffman ’86) got home that evening, she asked me what the program was like. I thought for a moment, trying to find the right adjective to describe the general aura of the experience of making silly, wonderful, oddly sophisticated music with other parents and 18-month-olds. I told her, “It was very, um, Swarthmore-like.” She scowled at me for a moment. I said, “No, I mean in the good way, Swarthmore-like.” So it was utterly unsurprising when we found out that Music Together founder Guilmartin was a fellow Swattie.

Matt Wall ’86
Seaside, Calif.

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