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Lifelong Learning

Consider taking a Lifelong Learning course this spring. Courses are taught seminar style by Swarthmore faculty, but without grades or credit—just learning for learning’s sake. Spring 2009 courses begin in February and run for eight weeks. Tuition is $430 for courses taught at Swarthmore and $560 for those taught in New York City. Visit for more information.

Offered at Swarthmore
Making Trouble: The Modernist Revolution
Philip Weinstein
Alexander Griswold Cummins Professor of English Literature
Monday evenings

The U.S. Presidency
Richard Valelly
Professor of Political Science
Tuesday evenings

Mathematics in Nature and Human Experience
Deborah Bergstrand
Professor of Mathematics
Thursday evenings

Offered in New York City
Support Center for Nonprofit Management
305 Seventh Avenue

Living Lightly on the Earth
Carr Everbach
Professor of Engineering
Wednesday evenings

The Russian Short Story
Thompson Bradley
Prof. Emeritus of Russian
Thursday evenings

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