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The Constant Reminder

Dean Cobbs was ever the constant reminder of politeness, courtesy, and appropriate behavior for a maturing female person. In Singer’s letter, I noted the use of “nothin’” to approximate her Southern accent. She was educated and would never have said “nothin’”—it was just hard to hear the final g through her cultured Southern accent.

It was important for this Northerner to have met an educated Southern lady. I held on to my cultural biases for many more years but can appreciate that experience better now that I am in the South.

Sally Vexler Klein ’62
Gainesville, Fla.

P.S. I read and re-read Singer’s letter. It took a minute or two to realize what was wrong. I remember her as Susan Cobbs, not Cobb. So does my Halcyon.

So does the whole wide world—except the editors of the
Bulletin, who regret the error.

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