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Onward and Upward

The Board of Managers approved the promotion of five members of the faculty from associate to full professor: Biologist Sara Hiebert Burch ’79 studies hypometabolic states in small birds and mammals. Linguist Ted Fernald is a semanticist interested in, among other topics, all things to do with Navajo syntax and semantics. English literature scholar Nora Johnson specializes in the Renaissance, particularly Shakespeare and theater history, also teaching courses on Milton, comedy, 20th-century lesbian fiction, and other topics. Organic chemist Paul Rablen’s laboratory research focuses on fundamental questions about the relationship between structure, stability, and reactivity in organic compounds, and on the mechanistic pathways of organic reactions. Film-and-media–studies scholar Patricia White is a graduate of Yale’s first class of film studies majors and author or editor of three books on cinema—with one in progress on global women filmmakers.

Two faculty members were promoted from assistant to associate professor: Physicist Catherine Crouch, whose research explores the technique of microphotoluminescence, was promoted to associate professor of physics with continuous tenure. Psychologist Jane Gillham, whose major research and clinical interests include clinical psychology, developmental psychology, and education, was promoted, in a nontenured position, from assistant to associate professor of psychology.

—Carol Brévart-Demm

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