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A Boost for Swarthmore Engineers

By Susan Clarey

Swarthmore has received a welcome boost from the George I. Alden Trust in the form of a challenge grant to purchase state-of-the art equipment for the Department of Engineering’s instructional laboratories.

The Alden Trust will match every $2 raised by Swarthmore with $1 of its own up to $100,000. The terms of the challenge stipulate that matching funds come from gifts made after the date of the grant offer, May 20, 2009. Since then, Swarthmore has realized $75,000 toward the Alden challenge, leaving $125,000
still to be raised.

Prior to the challenge, Swarthmore had received another $40,700 in donations for new engineering equipment.

Swarthmore’s new equipment is designed to enhance the classroom, laboratory, and research experience for both engineering and nonengineering majors. A total of 22 pieces of equipment will be installed in five laboratories: mechanical and structural testing, soils and construction, thermal energy, electronics, and materials.

The Alden Trust was founded in 1912 by George I. Alden, an engineer, inventor, and educator. Its grant-making focuses on independent undergraduate educational institutions and their capital needs.

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