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Cécile Whiting ’80

BOX_whiting_cecile.jpgCécile Whiting ’80 has been selected to receive the 21st Annual Charles C. Eldredge Prize for distinguished scholarship in American art from the Smithsonian American Art Museum for her 2006 book Pop L.A.: Art and the City in the 1960s. “Through Whiting’s analysis of the city of Los Angeles and its artists, the reader is persuaded that Los Angeles was a natural birthplace of pop art in the United States,” say the jurors who awarded the prize. Since joining the faculty at the University of California–Irvine in 2003, Whiting has served as director of the graduate program in visual studies, associate dean of graduate studies in the School of Humanities, and chair of the Department of Art History. One of her current projects examines the way in which artists, writers, and filmmakers revisited World War II in the 1960s. Her other works include Antifascism in American Art; A Taste for Pop: Pop Art, Gender, and Consumer Culture; and “It’s Only a Paper Moon: The Cyborg Eye of Vija Celmins” for the spring issue of the museum’s journal American Art.

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