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Across the Board

By Carol Brévart-Demm

At the Board of Managers meeting in May, Martha “Marty” Spanninger ’76, former senior supervising producer for the National Public Television show NOW, and Harold “Koof” Kalkstein ’78, senior vice president and head of alumni relations with the Boston Consulting Group in San Francisco, were appointed alumni managers. Guido Grasso-Knight ’00, a medical resident at Oregon Health and Sciences University with an interest in international and migrant health and underserved communities, was appointed as a young alumni manager.

After almost 40 years of Board service as member, treasurer, vice chair, and chair—not to mention multiple stints on 10 Board committees—J. Lawrence “Larry” Shane ’56 became a chairman of the Board emeritus, the only other individual beside Eugene Lang ’38 to hold this title.

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  1. Hi there, great uncle Larry. I'm M. C. Buckland's first born grandson. We've met @ the farm in CT. I hope my research provides a positive response. Have been to Bucky's shop in Vt a few years ago but that's the limit of my family contact. James Lawrence Nelson, now residing in MA.