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David Meyers ’75

box_meyers_david.jpgDavid Meyers ’75 is the founder and CEO of Eastern Research Group (ERG), a consulting firm that was chosen by The Boston Globe as one of its “Top Places to Work,” an annual list of the 100 best employers in Massachusetts. The 26-year-old company, which is based in Lexington, Mass., and employs 380 professionals in 12 offices throughout the United States, placed 27th on the Globe’s list. Meyers says, “We have striven since our founding to create an atmosphere of respect, where everyone at all levels of our organization is treated with kindness and compassion. I’m convinced with each passing year that our commitment to this goal is what makes our success as a company possible.” ERG helps government agencies, non-profits, and private clients protect the environment; improve worker health and safety; ensure the safety of food, drugs, and medical devices; and plan safe and sustainable facilities.

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