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President Chopp Receives Key to Swarthmore Borough


New Swarthmore College President Rebecca Chopp receives a key to Swarthmore borough from its new mayor Richard Lowe.

With a new president of the College and a new mayor of the Borough of Swarthmore, plans are afoot for increased town-gown collaboration. Having been an active participant in Hamilton, N.Y., while president of Colgate University, Rebecca Chopp (right) is looking forward to working with her new community as president of Swarthmore.

In January, Mayor Richard Lowe gave Chopp a “key to the borough,” symbolized by a sculpted key, wrought by crystal sculptor Peter Wayne Yenawine, a Swarthmore resident.

“Swarthmore is known as one of the top places to live in the Philadelphia area. Having lived here for nine months now, Fred and I can certainly understand why,” Chopp said of herself and her husband, Fred Thibodeau. “With so many of our faculty and staff living in town, the College and the borough enjoy a natural partnership. I look forward to forging even stronger connections in the future.”

Lowe agrees: “There’s so much talent at the College and the more interaction we can have, the better. We’d like to benefit from that talent and help the College at the same time. The relations between the College and the town have always been good, and with Rebecca here, the sky’s the limit.”

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