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Welcome to the City 2010


Swarthmore alumni in Hong Kong

Every year, hundreds of young Swarthmore alumni move to new cities in pursuit of advanced degrees, research, new jobs, or simply to relocate. On Sept. 25, alumni volunteers across the United States and around the globe organized and took part in Welcome to the City events in 30 locations. These informal get-togethers, now in their fourth year, welcomed new residents and gave local alumni an opportunity to socialize and network with other members of the Swarthmore community.

This year, several new cities joined the fun. They included Detroit, Montreal, Taipei, Rochester, and Albuquerque.

Welcome to the City events took place in Albuquerque; Atlanta; Austin; Bethlehem, Pa; Boston; Burlington, Vt.; Chicago; Cleveland; Columbus; Detroit; Durham; Hong Kong; Houston; Indianapolis; Ithaca; London; Los Angeles; Madison; Minneapolis; Montreal; New Orleans; New York City; Paris; Philadelphia; Princeton; Rochester; San Francisco; Taipei; Tucson; and Washington, D.C.


Alumni in Minneapolis.


Alumni and families gather in Columbus, Ohio


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