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Lasting Relationships


Travis Rothbloom ’10

Travis Rothbloom ’10, a career peer adviser with all the CS resources at his fingertips, says he used the internship database e-Recruiting, which lists employers exclusively interested in Swarthmore students; and UCAN, which serves about 20 other colleges including the Ivies, Stanford, Williams, and Amherst.

“Also, externships are a great way to put some of that winter break time to work for you,” he says. “You need no prior experience and can spend a week witnessing the design of space robots or learning how to be a yoga instructor. I got an internship last summer with an alum I externed with two years ago. This is not uncommon, as many of our externs create lasting relationships with their alumni.”

Rothbloom is attending Columbia University this year, pursuing a master’s in mechanical engineering.

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