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Eva Amesse ’11

38b_amesse_eva.jpgEva Amesse '11, an honors theater major and English literature minor, served a 12-week apprenticeship at the Berkshire Theater Festival (BTF) in Stockbridge, Mass.

My classes at Swarthmore have provided me with a strong foundation in the areas of acting, directing, performance theory, theater history, and basic design skills, but I was eager to learn more about the creative process outside of an academic framework. BTF exposed me to a professional theater environment and helped me discover what kind of career would be best for me.

My schedule was extremely busy. I woke up at 7:30 every morning for Suzuki training and sometimes Linklater Voice, yoga, or master classes. I was cast as the mummy in The Mummy's Tale and other Stories from the Great Beyond and performed throughout the month of July. My evening duties included parking cars or running concessions at the theater, and Kate Maguire, the artistic director, chose me to make pre-curtain speeches. I earned Actors’ Equity membership candidate points by understudying the role of Claire in A Delicate Balance, directed by David Auburn, the Tony-Award winning playwright. On most Saturdays, I helped out with changeovers, which meant overnight calls (8- to 10-hour shifts) working on carpentry or electrical.

Opening night parties were especially exciting because I got to rub elbows with the other theater professionals and celebrate all of the hard work. BTF allowed me to make connections with numerous actors, directors, and designers, helping me build a network for the future.

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