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Class Notes Photo

letter_photo.jpgHedi Schmid Randall ’53 says she was quite surprised when she turned to the opening page of the October Class Notes and saw a photo of a very young Charlie Randall ’51—then her fiancé, now her husband—and his roommate, the late Charlie Jeanne ’52, engaged in a tug-of-war along the Crum Creek. Burt Levering ’51 also shared details about the photo, noting that the tug-of-war took place in fall 1948 and that his cousin Dave Ramsey ’50 is standing next to Dean Everett Hunt. We also learned from Burt that Bob Parsons ’51 is on the left side of the photo, bracketed by the “s” in “Class” and the “n” in Notes, while Burt can be seen over Bob’s left shoulder, behind the “o” in “Notes.”

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