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Metzidakis Memories

I was saddened by the news of the death of Professor Philip Metzidakis last November (January Bulletin). I have him to thank for fueling my interest during the early 1970s in several of the “Generación del 98” Spanish literary figures, particularly Miguel de Unamuno—his favorite, mine, and the favorite of many. The article mentioned that Professor Metzidakis studied at the Universidad de Salamanca; this was in fact the university in Spain where Unamuno was rector for many years, almost until he died in 1936 in the midst of the chaotic Spanish Civil War.

Professor Metzidakis was my faculty adviser during my freshman year at Swarthmore, when I was still undecided as to my major. I later chose history over Spanish and so was assigned another faculty adviser in that field. Nonetheless, I continued to take courses in Spanish literature and remember well Metzidakis’ often-present smoldering cigar during class and other times. While initially I thought he had a gruff exterior, I know now that it only housed a heart concerned with his students and with sharing his love of the Spanish language and literature.

Roger Karny ’76
Denver, Colo.

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