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Charlotte Witt ’75

box_witt_charlotte.jpgCharlotte Witt ’75 recently received the Lindberg Award, which recognizes superior faculty achievement and scholarship at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). The award includes a $5,000 stipend. As a professor of philosophy and humanities in the College of Liberal Arts, Witt teaches courses that students describe as “stimulating” and mentors young women. “She has proved to be a consistently productive scholar with wide-ranging interests and a dedicated teacher praised for her dynamism and command of subject,” Dean of the UNH College of Liberal Arts Kenneth Fuld said. An interdisciplinary mix of ancient philosophy and modern feminism characterizes her scholarship. The author of two books on Aristotle, Ways of Being: Potentiality and Actuality in Aristotle’s Metaphysics and Substance and Essence in Aristotle, Witt frequently writes about the intersections between philosophy and feminism. Due for publication later this year, her most recent book The Metaphysics of Gender, argues that gender is a unifying and therefore essential principle for a social individual.

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