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Nick Tobier ’89

box_tobier_nick.jpgNick Tobier ’89 recently received the Ernest A. Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty. It recognizes a faculty member’s social engagement and dedication to community service in his or her scholarship. A recently tenured professor at the University of Michigan, Tobier’s teaching integrates creativity and social conscience through direct engagement with communities from Ann Arbor to San Francisco, Tokyo to Parimbo, Suriname. In 2009, Tobier taught a course at an urban farm in Detroit, where he and his students learned hands-on farming techniques from local farmers. This year, Tobier’s class partnered with a high school and retail produce distribution company in Detroit and together developed sustainable projects that impact the local food culture. Currently, he is working on other public projects in Berlin, Brussels, and New York. Previously, he taught at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and at Alfred University in New York.

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