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Parlor Talk

By Jeffrey Lott

parlor_talk_lott.jpgAfter more than 21 years working on this magazine, I’m handing it over to a new editor, Sherri Kimmel, this month. This is my 85th and final issue of the Swarthmore College Bulletin.

It’s with mixed emotions that I relinquish this job—even though it was my choice to do so. After all these years, there’s still a thrill in cracking open the carton and pulling out each new issue, all shiny and smelling like the printing plant. When this edition arrives, I’ll savor that moment with full attention.

I’ll miss working with the great team in the Communications Office and the many fine writers—including numerous alumni, a few of whom I mentored as students—whose work has appeared in these pages. My interactions with our creative designers, photographers, and illustrators have also been exciting and rewarding. Together, we have brought you the stories of Swarthmore.

I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not leaving the College. I don’t have to hand in my I.D. card just yet; I’m just moving across the lawn to a desk in the Friends Historical Library, where I will write and edit a new book about Swarthmore. Look for it as we begin our sesquicentennial celebration in 2014.

Editing the Bulletin has been the source of countless interactions with Swarthmore faculty and staff members, with students, but particularly with alumni. You have not only been our readers, you are also contributors, critics, and friends—and in all of these roles, you have enriched this magazine and the life of the College. I don’t think I will miss the quarterly deadlines, but I will surely miss serving you, the readers. Thanks for everything.

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