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Lifelong Learning Fall 2012 courses Offered at Swarthmore

Chaos, Fractals, and Complexity
John Boccio, professor of physics
Meets Wednesdays, 7–9:30 p.m.
Sept. 12 to Oct. 31

The Strange Career of the Right to Vote in the U.S.A.
Richard Valelly ’75, Claude C. Smith ’14 Professor of Political Science
Meets Thursdays, 7–9:30 p.m.
Sept. 13 to Nov. 8, exc. Oct. 11
Offered in New York City at the Support Center for Nonprofit Management, 305 Seventh Ave.

Unruly Passion: Eros in Classical Literature
Gilbert Rose, Susan Lippincott Professor Emeritus of Modern and Classical Languages
Meets Wednesdays, 6:45–9:15 p.m., Sept. 12 to Oct. 31 (except Thursday, Sept. 27 instead of Wednesday, Sept. 26)

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