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Virginia Boggs Gunn ’42

Virginia Boggs Gunn ’42 was honored in June 2011 with the Anne Estes Strawbridge award. This award is WEBgunn.jpggiven by the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania to individuals who have demonstrated energy and commitment to the ideals and principles of the league. League of Women Voters of Chester County member Pat Horrocks said: “[Virginia’s] connections with Lincoln University and its international students gave her a wide understanding of those needs that she shared with the league. … Virginia was at heart an educator and shared her expertise with students of all ages. … and traveled in the United States and abroad, sharing her experiences with her children and grandchildren. [She] was the driving force in the Southern League Study on ‘Where the Homeless Sleep.’

“When the three leagues in the county became one, she continued her deep interest in international committee work. … Virginia has spent her life making sure that one looks deeper into issues so that our actions will be good ones that carry weight.”

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