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Kenneth Kim ’01

Kenneth Kim ’01, a fellow and clinical instructor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Division of WEBkim.jpgGynecologic Oncology, received one of the first-ever community leadership awards from the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) this past March. After completing a fellowship in oncology this summer, Kim will head to the University of North Carolina to join its team of attending faculty. SGO introduced these awards to highlight the important role its members play in fostering collegial, supportive, and open communications among its multidisciplinary team members. Awardees—through their own initiative and efforts—exemplify these values.
An SGO press release states: “For cultivating community among his peers, SGO recognizes Dr. Kenneth H. Kim for his community leadership in providing resources for and connecting members within the gynecologic oncology community.
“We thank Dr. Kim for giving SGO his time, enthusiasm, effort, and expertise. His active involvement has made this Society that much stronger and effective in delivering excellent patient care through shared community knowledge.”

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