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Melanie Reed Ingalls ’80


Melanie Reed Ingalls ’80, the vice president for education and outreach for The Trustees of Reservations, received four EXCEL awards from the Society of National Association Publications (SNAP) in July as the staff leader of The Trustees’ publications. The Trustees, the nation’s oldest statewide land trust and nonprofit conservation organization, located in Massachusetts, is dedicated to land protection and stewardship. SNAP’s EXCEL awards recognize outstanding and innovative work in association publishing; the Trustees received two gold awards, one silver award, and one EXTRA! award for what SNAP judges called the “visually stunning” Annual Report. Ingalls previously served as director of Los Angeles programs for the National Audubon Society and, in 2000, received a community award from the Highland Park Heritage Trust in California for her work in building an environmentally friendly nature center for underserved families in an urban wilderness park near East Los Angeles.

3 Responses to “Melanie Reed Ingalls ’80”

  1. Hi, is this the Melanie from Chagrin Falls Ohio? It sure looks like it. I'm trying to reconnect with old friends. Thanks.

  2. Kurt and I have wondered about you often. I read with interest about your latest awards as well as your meaningful work with land protection and stewardship. You are one of just a few I have interest in finding who were from CFHS. Kurt and I would both enjoy hearing from you.

    You can find us on FB. Yes, embarassingly, we succombed to it. I did find a favorite professor on it.

  3. Go Melanie! What a jump from California!