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Mira Seo ’95

Mira Seo ’95 has joined the faculty of the newly created Yale–NUS College, Singapore’s first liberal artsSeo.jpg college and fully residential learning environment. She received tenure at the University of Michigan last spring but will instead make the move to Singapore with her husband, a molecular biologist.

Seo is a fellow with the National Forum for the Future of Liberal Education, a three-year program designed to identify and prepare a core national group of emerging academic leaders to guide the future of the liberal arts. Seo hopes her new position will place her “on the frontier where the liberal arts is expanding rather than just tinkering with the models of the past.”

In addition to her Swarthmore B.A. in Latin, Seo holds a B.A. from the University of Oxford and a Ph.D. in classics from Princeton University. She specializes in Roman poetry of the imperial period, including research on the works of Ovid, Seneca, Statius, and Martial.

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