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Alumni Share Reflections on Reunions Past

In honor of Swarthmore’s sesquicentennial, alumni, regardless of class year, are invited to attend the All-alumni2.jpgAlumni Weekend, June 6–8. In anticipation of this unprecedented reunion, we asked a few reunion regulars three important questions. Below are excerpts from a few of these conversations. To read more from these discussions, or share your answers, visit

Why do you return to Alumni Weekend?

The main reason I come back for reunion is that returning to campus brings back so many great memories. Swarthmore isn’t just the place I went to college; it’s also where I met my wife (Christy Reardon ’91). I proposed to her in Crum Woods. Those are the kinds of memories I remember when I’m back on campus.

—Mike Davidson ’91

What’s your best reunion memory?

The summer weather’s great, the campus is beautiful, and you really get a chance to experience Swarthmore in a totally different way than you did as a student.

alumni1.jpgI ran into one professor waiting on the train tracks gearing up for his own reunion. Another professor I spoke with at a reception listened excitedly as her former students updated her on what they were doing. I told her about the projects I’m working on, and though radio drama is far afield from microeconomics, she was delighted to hear about my work.

Also, at my 10th reunion class party, a keg-stand discussion (and demonstration) evolved into a debate about Nietzsche. That’s what happens when you’re back in a room full of Swatties.

—Sydney Beveridge ’03

What are you looking forward to at this year’s All-Alumni Weekend?


I’ll be at reunion this year, because I don’t really have a choice anymore. I’ve always come back, and I always will. But I’m looking forward to seeing how many classes will be represented at this All-Alumni Weekend.

By coming back each year, I get to see the people who were in classes right before and after me. You go to college with seven years’ worth of classes. By only coming back once every five years you miss out on seeing those other six classes of friends. And even those alumni who went to Swarthmore significantly before or after me, they’re still interesting people, and I enjoy the opportunity to get to know them too.

—Paul Peelle ’69 (As the son of Swarthmore matchbox, Gertrude "Gemmy" Maginniss Peelle '39 and Robert Peelle '39, Paul attended his first reunion in utero and hasn’t missed a year since. With 67 reunions under his belt, he is an Alumni Weekend staple.)

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