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Lourdes Rosado ’85


Lourdes Rosado ’85 has been named Citizen of the Year by the Philadelphia Inquirer for her work in juvenile justice. The award honors “people whose work has upheld the ideal of citizenship—promoting justice, strengthening democracy, or fostering community.” Rosado is an attorney and associate director at the Juvenile Law Center (JLC), a nonprofit organization in Philadelphia dedicated to ensuring that public systems, such as child welfare and juvenile justice, protect and serve Pennsylvania children. She and a colleague received the recognition after seeking to overturn the wrongful convictions of thousands of juveniles in Luzerne County, Pa. The judges who tried these juveniles allegedly received more than a million dollars in kickbacks from a privately run juvenile detention center. Before joining JLC, Rosado completed the E. Barrett Fellowship in Juvenile Justice at Georgetown University Law Center, where she taught third-year law students and represented juveniles in the District of Columbia Superior Court.

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