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Richard Wolfson ’69

box_wolfson_richard.jpgRichard Wolfson ’69 was recently named an American Physical Society (APS) Fellow. Wolfson is the Benjamin Wissler Professor of Physics at Middlebury College. The APS Forum on Physics and Society nominated him for his work in educating the general public and undergraduate students on energy, environmental issues, and physics; for contributing to Vermont’s carbon neutrality efforts; and for his research in astrophysics. Wolfson’s published work includes medical and plasma physics, solar energy engineering, electronic circuit design, nuclear issues, and observational astronomy. He has written several textbooks, including Essential University Physics (Addison Wesley, 2007) and Energy, Environment, and Climate (W.W. Norton, 2008). Works for nonscientists include Simply Einstein: Relativity Demystified (W.W. Norton, 2003) and Nuclear Choices (MIT Press, 1993). He also has videotaped courses on physics and climate change for The Teaching Company. Wolfson’s current research involves the eruptive behavior of the sun’s atmosphere.

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