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Thomas Kershaw ’60

Thomas Kershaw ’60 was chosen to represent the commonwealth of Massachusetts as a civilian aide to the WEBKershaw.jpgsecretary of the Army (CASA). Civilian aides are a vital part of the Army—promoting good relations between the public and the Army. Many are business or civic leaders in their area who help to advise the secretary of the Army on regional issues. Kershaw is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Hampshire House Corp., a company based around Kershaw’s iconic mansion. The Hampshire House, a lavish multi-level Georgian revival townhouse in Beacon Hill, doesn’t just offer Boston-based events facilities, but also lays claim to the basement bar that inspired the TV show Cheers. Kershaw has been a driving force behind the Hampshire House’s growth since he bought the property in 1969. Because of this devotion to maintaining the house’s original grandeur, yet making it open to the public for special events, he has received many awards, including Restaurateur of the Year, the Humanitarian of the Year Award (Project Triangle), and the Massachusetts Tourism Leadership Award.

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