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“Use Thy Gumption”

I happened to see President Rebecca Chopp on a local TV news program a few days before her May 8 inauguration. She talked about being on campus for almost a year before taking office. She answered a question about being Swarthmore’s first female president and talked about her vision for the future.
She struck me as [...]

Listening and Understanding

I enjoyed reading the Q+A with Director of Psychological Services David Ramirez “What Does David Ramirez Know About Failure?”, April Bulletin). I especially liked his comment about tolerating or “being with” students and what they are feeling—not to be put off by it when they share their pain.
After being in a therapeutic process, many children [...]

“Istanbul Alumni Association”

While reading Jeffrey Lott’s article on the teaching of art history (“A Survey in Progress,” April Bulletin), I came upon a curious reference to “barrel gauging,” which was defined as “the ability to estimate the volume of a container—a vital mercantile skill in an era of nonstandard barrels.” Lott reports that artists of the Renaissance, [...]

Give Duchamp His Due

Jeffrey Lott’s “A Survey in Progress” touches upon many issues that cannot adequately be addressed in a letter to the editor. However, as the social and historical biases of the history of art are being called into question, new ones seem to be sneaking in through the back door. The most glaring of these is [...]

1940 May Day Queen and Her Court Identified

In the April 2010 issue, we asked for readers’ assistance in identifying the five young women pictured with Mary Lois Broomall Eberle, 1940 May Day queen, in the photo that opened the Class Notes section of the magazine. Several classmates—primarily from classes in the 1940s—enthusiastically provided their input on the identities of the young women [...]