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Janet Smith Warfield ’58

BOX_warfield_janet_fixed.jpgJanet Smith Warfield ’58 won the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Award for the best new-age nonfiction and was a finalist in the self-help and spirituality categories for her 2007 book Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World. Shift has been translated into Bulgarian and Russian. A self-described “mother, grandmother, poet, mediator, author, and practicing lawyer for 22 years,” Warfield has been studying words and developing her language skills to produce consciousness shifts and peace in others for more than three decades. She has published several booklets and essays including “101 Paths to Peace, Power, and Prosperity;” “Moments in Time;” and “A Word Sculpture of a Mystical Experience” through her own company, Word Sculptures Publishing. Her Web site won the Coalition of Visionary Resources 2008 Web Site Award. Warfield lives in Boquete, Panama; she will soon present workshops in the United States.

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