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Bob Fetter, Class of 1953 on December 4, 2018

I happened to be back on campus in 2017 when Sylvia was there for her first return in many years. Sylvia and I were first acquainted in Ithaca...when we were both not yet five years it was a treat to see Sylvia and her daughter Cindy there for the Parade of Classes passing by on the front walk of Parrish. But I had missed this Swarthmore Bulletin article when it first appeared a few months later.

I would encourage more Bulletin articles about alums returning to campus for the first time...after many years. There is a fresh perspective which they can offer.

Note: My mother Elizabeth Pollard Fetter "Polly," Class of 1925, had also grown up in Swarthmore, with Sylvia's mother, "Footie" an old friend. While at the College, they were field hockey teammates together.

There are more stories, which I need not go on and on about now...about our mothers Footie and Polly...with Greenie (another alum) on their trip to Europe...with their mothers, too...during the Summer of 1926...when "Footie" climbed the Matterhorn while the others watched from Zermatt.